A Letter From Jesus
by Peggy Jo Stanley

  My dear child,

This rose before you is a symbol of My covenant love towards you. I love you with an everlasting love that is unconditional. The things you do will not cause Me to love you any more nor any less.

I am referred to as the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley. This comparison is used to express My presence with you in this world, the easiness of your access to Me, and the beauty and sweetness which you find in Me.

The red rose symbolizes peace. I know times will come when you will desperately long for and search for peace - peace with yourself, peace with your past, and peace among the hardships of life. I, the Rose of Sharon, am the Prince of Peace. That deep inner peace you'll search for can be found only in Me. It will come! Don't lose hope!

The rose is a symbol of friendship. I long to be your most intimate friend. My heart yearns to be with you, to communicate with you, to share in every facet of your life. When the morning light breaks through the night's darkness, I'm there to greet you. Through the day's journey, I'm by your side to hold your hand and to gently guide. My strong arms are ready to carry you when life gets too hard and the road too rough. At night as you lay your head upon your pillow, I'm there beside your bed to tuck you in and watch over you through the midnight hours. My dear child, one day you'll be able to see I never left your side, not even for one moment.

As you look at this rose, or any other, may you hear My voice saying, "I deeply love you! I am fully pleased with you! I have totally forgiven you! I have accepted you and have made you complete in Me! I, the Rose of Sharon, am committed to you and your life!