Testimony Given at Gateway Church Sunday, September 20, 2009

I was walking through a period of loneliness this week. I'm also working through some emotional wounds with Angel Davis and through St. James prayer ministry. On Tuesday, my birthday, God chose to work on my birth – my parents wanting a boy and me being named after my dad's first love who committed suicide. God showed me that He was and is involved in my naming – which means “pearl”. I don't have the same destiny as the one I was named after. God said, “I love you and I choose your name.

Then on Friday, I was reading a ladies testimony in a book and a line jumped out, “My Bible says that God has called me by my name, and I am His!”

Then Cynthia and I went to Life Center and God ministered to my heart through a couple of songs used in the sermon. The first was “He's picking up the pieces of our lives.” The man closed his sermon by playing a song that ministered deep into my spirit and spoke truth and life into me.

I don't know what fires are raging in your life (unforgiveness – especially of self; guilt, resentment, worry, loneliness, anger, fear). Or what lions you are facing (job security, finances, health issues, relationship problems, emotional wounding). I hope you will let God speak to your spirit and minister His truth, love and peace – through this song: “You Are Not Alone!”

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