Word given to Gateway Church September 19, 2010

I heard a prophetic word at Life Center Friday night and I believe this part was for us:

“I've called you Gateway as someone who would know me so, so closely. You're going to hear my heart beat. There is going to be such a tenderness of your heart as you look out around and you see people (friends, family members, and even strangers) – you're going to feel my heart for them. I'm going to begin to show you how to speak life. What's open up to you is a great, bright future. I have good plans for you. Good opportunities for you. You're going to break through and break out and break into.”

Also as I was reading a book Friday night, Healing the Wounded Heart , a part spoke to me personally, but also it spoke to me about our church:

“Just as a parent holds a child's hand as they cross the street, in the same manner we have a Father who takes our little, powerless hand, looking both ways before we cross. The Father looks to the left, our past, and then to the right, our future, and in the safety of His grip, the present, we cross over to healing.”

Father we place our hand into Your omnipotent hand as we, Gateway, cross over into this phase of our destiny.