What Is Recovery?
By Peggy Jo Stanley

R - replacing lies with the truth; replacing thought patterns with positive ones

E - expressing repressed feelings and emotions

C - chiselling away the thick walls we have built, to allow God and others to touch our lives and help us learn to build healthy relationships

O - overcoming shame, guilt, resentments, and self-hatred

V - validating what happened to us; validating ourselves as sensitive, worth-while, beautiful children of God

E - experiencing freedom and liberty

R - reducing maladaptive patterns and behaviors

Y - Yahweh - Rapha: The Lord that Healeth; my inspiration, guidance, and strength to wholeness. God desires for me to be whole because He loves me. "He delivered me because He delighteth in me."

It is to get back possession of the "real" me.
It is regaining stolen territory.
It is regaining the capacity to be intimate and close.
It is opening the door to my inner prison.
It is re-evaluating my past.
It is learning to relax and accept myself.
It is replacing Satan's lies with God's truth.
It is learning that feelings are okay and they need to be expressed.
It is learning ways to construct healthy boundaries.
It is an ever-changing road leading to wholeness.
It is rebuilding trust.
It is learning to give and to receive.
It is learning to own my own power.
It is developing the right relationship with God.

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