Prayer & Prophetic Word for Joseph & Gateway
June 27, 2010

God has put Gateway under the mantle, the authority of Joseph Dye. God did not change His plans for Gateway; this is not a surprise to Him. Before the creation of this world God had a purpose, a plan, a destiny for Gateway and Joseph was and is in that plan for this time. Satan has been trying to steal, destroy and bring death to this destiny that God have placed within Gateway and His people here. God is resurrecting those dreams, resurrecting those prophecies spoken over us. God is giving us a new time, a new life. God is restoring life right now. God wants us to get into His River of life. God wants to bring those seeds that have been dying He wants to germinate them bring them life so they can flourish. But they need the flow of His River, the flow of His anointing, the flow of His power, the flow of His gifts. We need to step into that River.

And I pray for the anointing upon Joseph. I pray for the dreams, the visions, hopes in Joseph's heart that the enemy has been trying to destroy and saying they are not going to come to be. God is giving new life to those dreams. He is resurrecting those dreams. He gave them to you Joseph because He has those dreams in mind for you. You are to walk in those dreams and prophetic words spoken over you. He has given you this place, this church for some of those dreams to be fulfilled.

I pray against the enemy. I bind up the demons of the spirit of death, the spirit of division, the spirits of control, the spirit of gossip, the spirit of anger and unforgiveness, the spirit of destruction. I say you are not wanted here. I say under the authority of Jesus Christ and His shed blood on Calvary, get out of here and go to Jesus for Him to do with as He pleases.

We as God's people need to let God heal and remove the bricks that are keeping us from the destiny God has for us. We need to be careful not to give the enemy any legal ground for the enemy to build up any more bricks. We need to allow God the freedom to dismantle those things, which are holding us back, those things that are keeping us from experiencing God's power, God's anointing, God's wholeness and His life.

I pray for God to send His waring angels to surround each of us, to surround our families, surround this church - to fight for us as we get on our knees and we pray and we surrender and as we allow God to dismantle all the bricks that are keeping us from our destiny. We pray for those angels to protect us to protect our families. Bring healing to us. We ask for the light of the Lord Jesus Christ to come down and to shine in us and through us, dispelling the darkness bringing healing and wholeness and restoration. You are Jehovah Rapha, the Lord that heals. You are the GREAT I AM. Your name is above every name, and every circumstance, every thing in our life. We call upon You and surrender to You, our Abba, Daddy. We cry before You and ask Your forgiveness for the ways we have sinned

I pray for strength, wisdom, guidance, and protection of Joseph and his family. I pray that we will get into the river with him and that the Holy Spirit will be able to flow through us; and that our gifts would be activated free to flow in this place so You can bring healing. You want to set the captives free and I pray for that today. I pray for this new beginning this resurrected life that You are giving us Lord. Hallelujah!!!!!