Springtime is a joyous season when we experience the miracle of life and growth. A time when we can reflect back to the miracle of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. It also reminds me of the resurrection of Lazarus from the dead. I was not physically dead, but parts of me had seemingly died being deeply buried beneath many defense mechanisms. The real me (the precious, unique individual God created) had been buried so many years ago by what seemed to be a fatal blow delivered by: my father's death, incest, verbal and emotional abuse. Now through my recovery process the resurrection of the real me is unfolding. Truly this is a miracle just as supernatural and spectacular as the raising of Lazarus from the dead. God's Holy Spirit is the energizer who is performing the transformation. But just as in Lazarus' case, God used tools to complete the process, so He continues. Jesus called upon people to remove the grave clothes from Lazarus' body, enabling him to be set free. God is using you, Joyce, to remove my grave clothes, the places of death and decay, the bandages of bondage resulting from the tradgities and abuses I've suffered. And one day I too shall be free.

Thank you Joyce for igniting the spark of hope once again within my heart. Thanks for giving to me a listening ear, a loving embrace, caring and enouraging words, and a compassionate heart. You truly have the gift of encouragement. Other's have been a source of discouragement and through their actions and words have taken heart out of me. On the other hand you, Joyce, have put heart back into me through your actions and words. Thanks.

My wish for you is that you will be blessed with your own special miracles all through the year!