Testimony Given at Gateway June 27, 2010

There are no words to express how full my heart is with love, praise, admiration and awe for God. Even before God spoke the world into existence, I was in His heart and on His mind. He had a destiny and purpose for me. I also did not know when I was conceived the enemy, satan, had an assignment against me to destroy me to keep me from the destiny and purpose God had on my life. Through circumstances, pain, and sin little by little satan along with his demonic forces began sucking the life out of Peggy Jo destroying hopes and dreams, but most of all blocking intimacy with God by building a false picture of God in my mind so I would not run to Him cutting myself off from my life source. Brick by brick, through both of my parents wanting a boy, through the death of my father, through the abuse from both of my stepfathers, through generational sins, word curses, inner vows, ungodly soul ties, ungodly beliefs and soul/spirit hurts, I became imprisoned.

But praise God greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. God is in the business of stetting captives free. I am living proof.

I'd like to share one major healing experience I received through Restoring the Foundations Ministry in Hendersonville, NC this past Thursday. It was during the soul/spirit hurt session and my ministers, Susan and Patty, asked if there was one more soul/spirit hurt I'd like to do. I said one has kept popping up in my mind, but I didn't want to go there. But God did it was the fullness of time and He wanted to bring healing into the darkest, most horrific soul/spirit hurt that I had and I the only memory of it was through a flash back picture given to me several years ago. It was when my stepfather raped me. As God took me back there, all the pain, anger and shame I had stuffed and hidden even from myself began to pour out all the puss and poison of those feelings I buried alive for all those years was now gushing out of me so God could heal.

Then God gave me a vision. This overpowering light came walking toward me. It was Jesus; tears were streaming down His face. His arms are outstretched as He walks closer. Jesus picks me up off the bed and is holding me in His arms. The body in His arms is dead; it's lifeless many parts of me died that day. Jesus brought my lifeless body to His chest and held me tight as His light was streaming into me, bringing life. His tears flowing down His face fell onto my body, washing and purifying it dispelling the darkness bringing peace and calmness giving LIFE and energy back into me. He kept holding me with His warm embrace, restoring my health all death leaving God restoring, bringing newness of life a resurrection of Peggy Jo for me to walk in my destiny a beginning of new life for me.

Today is a beginning of new life in our church a new era a new season. He wants Gateway to walk in our destiny the purpose He designed for us even before the foundation of the world.

All praise and honor to my Lord and Savior, my healer and deliverer.

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