Testimony given at Gateway on Sunday, Jan. 10, 2010

In an email from a Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin, a phrase jumped out at me this week - "I will re-establish some old, foundational truths on a higher level so they will come alive in you and become fresh bread."

The Lord is doing that in my life and one vehicle He's using is the book I read over Christmas break, The Prodigal Daughter. I started working on one of those areas with my prayer ministers at St. James this past Thursday night.  Breaking word curses that I have had spoken over me.  One phrase that stood out in the book regarding word curses was, "A curse is being empowered to fail and a blessing is being empowered to succeed."  There is power in our spoken words over others and ourselves.  I got convicted about words coming out of my mouth, esp. in my driving.

Another area that hit me hard was inner vows such as:

The book said this about inner vows: "Whenever you make a vow, you take a slice of your life into your own hands.  When you make a vow out loud or in your heart that says 'I will' or "I will never," you're basically telling God hands off of that area of my life.  Plus most of the time, when we make vows, we make them in judgment of others.  First, we remove God's power from that area of our life, and then when we judge others, we set ourseves up to be judged."

I'm working on giving God back all the pieces of my life.

Praise the Lord,
Peggy Jo Stanley

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