Inside of You

As I was driving home thinking about our assignment of making a wish for each member of our group the lyrics of the song, "Inside of You" by John Schlitt immediately came to my mind, because to me wishing is dreaming.

"As a child
There wasn't anything
That you couldn't do
Learn to fly
On paper wings
But somebody told you
Dreams don't come true
Some settle for a lie and fake it
And try to keep their hearts from breakin'
But you defy the odds
And make it worth the going through"


"Oh, inside of you there's a heart full of dreams
Like the gold in a stream to be uncovered
Inside of you lies a soul made to shine
Yes, a child meant to fly and discover
All the wonders God can do
Inside of you"

"Every day
You face the fear
With a measure of faith that you need
And even now
All heaven cheers
For the miracle you're destined to be
True bravery is bought with sorrow
Life is but a gift we borrow
And all the promise of tomorrow waits to be revealed."

Maybe like the song says someone told you that dreams don't come true and your wishes and dreams have been clouded or eclipsed by people or circumstances. My prayer for you is that God will rekindle your dreams, give you new dreams and help that child inside of you become the miracle God created you to be.

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