“I am Thankful”

I am thankful for …

… the opportunity to attend a seminar at Atlanta Vineyard. For it was there I heard you for the first time. Denise, your words painted a beautiful portrait of a loving, caring God; a God who got excited because He loved being with me; a God who sings songs over me. Your words struck a broken chord in my heart and ignited a spark of hope. Hope in my relationship with God being healed. Hope in repairing the damaged chord so God and I can make music together and I can sing His praises once again.

… the privilege of having you as my therapist. Having you travel beside me down my recovery road. Giving me a helping hand through the rough spots. Shining a light through my darkness, so I don't lose my way. Giving me a cup of refreshing water when my journey becomes wearisome. Providing a safe place to rest when my journey becomes so exhausting. Having a compassionate heart to hold me when I weep and a tender hand to wipe the tears from my cheek. Having a friend to laugh and rejoice with when triumph appears, when miracles happen.

… the blessing and honor of getting to know you. To feel your heart reaching out with God's love, compassion, and healing. You demonstrate through your eyes, your touch, your voice, your prayers – God's heart – helping to unite my wounded spirit with God's healing power. Helping me find the path to wholeness, the path to serenity, the path to life, the path to God.

I am thankful for YOU!