March 25, 1997

I love this time of year because evidence of life is coming into view. That which had been buried and seemingly dead, now radiates with growth and life. The harsh external conditions did not kill the beauty of life within.

Just as a gardener sees the potential in a plot of earth and tenderly prepares the ground so the life within it has the opportunity to develop into all that God created it to be - so are you. God placed within this earthly body called Peggy Jo, a precious, unique soul. Many people God entrusted this life to, failed to nurture and encourage her. Instead this life had to hide deep within to protect herself from the harsh external conditions.

Lyn, I see you as an emotional gardener. Your office is a safe place, conducive for emotional healing and growth. You help remove emotional rocks and weeds. Your tender care and compassion plow up the hardened external surface, so the life within me can break forth and begin to blossom. You have been God's husbandman to me and I'm eternally grateful.

Peggy Jo