What I would like God to be like
by Peggy Jo Stanley

I would like God to be strong, yet gentle - strong enough to help bare my burdens or carry me through difficult times when I can't seem to walk on my own; yet gentle enough to embrace me as His child and rock me to sleep. Strong enough to confront me in areas needing some work and lovingly guiding me out of denial and into the light of truth; yet gentle enough to tenderly touch the delicate areas of brokenness, bringing healing and wholeness.

I would like God to be helpful and not hurtful. Helping me learn about me, life, who He is, healthy behaviors, new skills, new directions, choices - to become all I can be; but not pushing and cramming me into a mold of conformity. Not helping me by doing things for me I need to be doing myself, but helping me develop in all areas so I can be. Helping me to develop wings to fly.

I would like for God not only to be omnipresent, everywhere, but I'd like Him to be right here with me. Walking beside me each step of the way. Never leaving me alone. Not punishing me by withdrawing from me, but instead sticking beside me through the rough times - the ugly times. Not sticking so close as to smother me, but giving me space to grow and learn. Being so big, neither I nor anyone else can put Him in a box (I need for Him to be a Higher Power - bigger than myself); yet small enough to be personal - small enough to be approachable. Small enough to be able to understand where I'm coming from. Small enough to be considerate of me and my needs, wants, and desires. Small enough to listen - to really listen to what I say - not just my words, but my heart. Big enough to see beyond my limitations and weaknesses, to help me envision where I can go and who I can be; yet small enough to understand the struggles and patiently wait with me as I work through to the other side - never giving up on me. Big enough to see beyond my woundedness, to health, wholeness and life; yet small enough to apply the healing salve needed to bring relief from the pain, healing to the body, and life to the soul. Big enough to not be shaken by my rage; yet small enough to sense and feel the hurt lying behind the fury. Not retaliating with more anger, but small enough to move behind the raging wall, healing the hurts and bringing empowerment, forgiveness, and restoration.

I would like for God to be loving, kind and compassionate. Full of mercy for those who just can't seem to measure up. Waiting with a helping hand for those struggling through the hardships of life.

I would like to know God has my best interest at heart - He treasures and values me - He loves me with no strings attached.

I would like for God to be touchable. To be able to run and crawl up into His lap, feeling welcomed; looking into His eyes which are dancing with excitement because He loves being with me. Knowing I am His and nothing will ever change that. Being able to rest my head upon His breast, hearing His heart beat, feeling His arms holding me close, feeling safe and secure through all eternity as He sings His melodious song of grace and love to me.