Testimony given at Gateway church Sunday, February 07, 2010

I listened to a CD, "Father's Heart," which explained about an orphan spirit.  I realized how I had that spirit which began at age 10 when my earthly father died.  Because of my hurt, pain, believing lies, and abuse, I did not allow God the Father to be my dad.  I've had such a warped view of God the Father - He was a tyrant, angry all the time and that Jesus' death on the cross was to pacify God the Father's anger.  Since listening to that CD I've been working on this in therapy with Angel Davis and my prayer ministers from St. James.  On Jan. 30th I went to a True Identity Conference which toward the end of the conference they showed a video "The Father's Love Letter to You."  It ministered such healing to my heart.  It started off with, "He's the Father you've been looking for all your life."  The part that spoke such healing truth to my life was when God the Father said, "I gave up everything I love that I might gain your love."  For the first time in my life I was the true picture of the Father's heart expressed at Calvary:  His heart of love for me.  I am no longer an orphan.  God gave me a picture of me as that heart broken child who just lost her dad.  He took my hand in His, which meant He was walking with me as my Dad for the rest of my life.  Praise be to God!!!!!