Dear Annette,

Looking at a plant reminds me of growth, the growth accomplished this past year in this recovery group and the growth that will continue throughout our lives. In order for a seed to produce life it had to be buried and part of it had to die to release the life that was inside. The false beliefs acquired about ourselves and about life must die and be replaced with the truth, we are loveable, valuable, precious children, and our "treasures" (the real us) deserve being protected. To sustain this new life requires proper nutrients, water, and light. Here in this group we've learned more about ourselves. Just as each plant is unique, so are we. Just as all of creation paints the beauty of life (not by being the same, but by each being herself - different), so do we.

Before the creation of the world Annette was a work of art waiting for her creation day. Just the right combination of genes came together to make her the unique, special individual she is. A masterpiece filled with wonder, excitement, creativity, dreams, hopes and love. Annette is beautiful and priceless - a pearl of great price - more valuable than the hope diamond, more spectacular than a meteor shower, more splendid than a sunset on the painted desert, more majestic than Pike's peak, more breath taking than the Grand Canyon. May you realize more and more each day what a wonderful person you are.

As a child you use to dream and there wasn't anything you couldn't do, until someone told you dreams don't come true; until someone robbed you of your innocence. Life began gradually draining out of you, being replaced with fear and doubt. Wishes and dreams being clouded or eclipsed by people or circumstances. My prayer for you, Annette, is a rekindling of your dreams and a birthing of new dreams. Inside of you there is a heart full of wonderful dreams; like gold in a stream waiting to be uncovered. Inside of you lies a beautiful soul waiting to shine. A precious child who is meant to fly and discover.

As you see a plant, may it remind you to nurture yourself - so that your beauty can sparkle as a gem in God's creation. You are unique - there is no one else in all the world that can do you - if you don't do your dance, it doesn't get done - and we miss out!

Peggy Jo