by Peggy Jo Stanley
Saturday, July 31, 1999

As I began showering this morning. I got a sense that God was sprinkling water over me, cleansing my wounded child from the filth of life, which had soiled her since childhood. Standing in the tub, eyes cast down, hair matted, clothes tattered, filthy and shamed, God gently and lovingly removed her filthy rags. She stood naked, yet unafraid. Showers from heaven, God's tears, began pouring over her fragile, soiled body. The filth, which had been caked on for years, began to loosen, mixing with the water. As the water streamed down into the tub, so did the dirt.

With shampoo, God gracefully ran His fingers through her tangled hair. Massaging her scalp, cleansing each strand. Speaking softly to her saying, “I cleanse you Little Pj, from all the ways you were defiled through your mind. Breaking the curses spoken verbally and non-verbally. Breaking the lies you were told. Breaking the lies you believed. Cleansing the thoughts. Bringing new thoughts of value, of hope, of love. Let Little Pj's mind be filled with My Mind.”

Next, God took a washcloth and carefully began washing her face. As He washed around her lips, He said, “Little Pj, I cleanse these lips from the places you had to place them, from the places they weren't made to go. I cleanse them from the ways in which they defiled. I place within your lips a new song, praises from on high.”

As the eyes were being washed, I heard God say, “Little Pj, I wash your pretty, brown eyes, cleansing them from the things they never should have seen. I remove the defilement which came through they eye-gate, the defilement which blinded you from My truth. May you see through My eyes how precious, valuable, and loveable you are. May you see truth and be set free.”

From the eyes, God moved to her ears, gently scrubbing each one. Cleansing them from the harmful, hurtful, demeaning words said to her throughout the years. Words, which brought death instead of life. Cleansing the curses and lies spoken from generation to generation. Cleansing the ears from each way they had been defiled. Cleansing them from the sounds, she never should have had to hear. “Let you hear My voice,” God said. “My voice of truth, comfort, and love. May your ears ring with voices of praise, kindness, mercy, approval, acceptance, and love. Replacing the lies with truth.”

Little Pj's nose was next. God spoke cleansing into her nostrils, bringing back the life He breathed into them at her creation. Cleansing them from all defilement, which entered through smell. The stench of life dissipating, as a new aroma, the sweet fragrance of the Lord, filled the room.

I thought God was through with her face, but He wasn't. He washed over her whole face saying, “Little Pj, I am the lifter of your head. No longer does your face need to hide in shame. No longer do you need to hold your head down, not being able to look people in the eyes. No more shame. It wasn't your fault. It isn't your fault. I lift up your countenance.”

God took His big, strong hands and washed my shoulders. As He scrubbed, He said, “I remove the burdens from your shoulders. You've been carrying a heavy load, which was never yours to carry. Your shoulders weren't made for such a task. I lift these burdens and place them on My shoulders.”

With the arms, God cleansed each one, enabling Little Pj to embrace life and all the good it holds.

I could feel God placing her hands, one at a time, into His. Tenderly taking each finger, purifying it, saying, “I cleanse these precious hands and fingers. I cleanse them from the defilement place on them by others. I cleanse them from the things they had to touch, things they never were created to touch. I cleanse them from places they had to go, but didn't want to and from things they had to do. I wash them with My love and forgiveness, cleansing them from all impurities. Little Pj, your hands are clean. May you lift them in praise. May you grab onto life, abundant life. May you stretch forth your hands, touching My children, bringing healing and wholeness.

A difficult area was next. With grace and love, Heavenly Father washed her breasts, breaking curses, ways in which they have been defiled. Praying for healing, healing of her mother heart and nurturing spirit. Bringing nurturing into her wounded spirit so she may bring nurturing to herself and others. He prayed for her femininity to be restored. “I have created you female, said Father God. I am glad you are a loving, feminine, little girl. You are beautiful.”

Next was the torso. As God compassionately washed, He said, “I bring healing into Little Pj's inner most bowels. This place which feels, carrying so much pain and loneliness. I bring restoration, healing, and nourishment to the barren soul and famished body. I place deep within her, a hunger for Me, for righteousness, for life. I bring peace.”

From the abdomen, God moved to her legs, enabling Little Pj to run, and climb, into the lap of her Heavenly Daddy.

The cleansing prayer for her feet was to break any defilement from the places she had to walk, places God never intended for her to walk. Walking through this life with so much pain and suffering, brought weariness to her soul and fatigue to her body, even a desire to walk no more. God prayed for the spring of life to be put back into her walk.

There was only one more place, the most difficult one, which God saved for last. With tender, loving hands God gingerly washed her private parts, bringing cleansing, restoration, and wholeness. Speaking tenderly as He washed, “Little Pj, I break all the ways you were defiled in this area. I cleanse and purify you from the things, which were done to you, the things that were put inside you that never should have been. I break all the curses and lies. I restore your femininity. I wash you white as snow. I bring back your innocence. I bring healing throughout your inner most parts. You are clean. Let no man call you impure, for I have made you clean.”

The soap suds (filled with all the filthiness, hurt, and pain) were being washed from Little Pj's body via the healing, steaming flow of God's tears. These tears spewing forth from His heart, a heart filled with compassion, mercy, and love. I watched as they swirled around the drain, eventually to disappear forever.

God wrapped Little Pj in His towel of forgiveness, woven with strands of grace and mercy. Embracing her with His loving arms. Holding her close saying …

“Your flesh has been restored to you, like the flesh of a little child, and you are clean.” (2 Kings 5:10, 14b, NIV)

“You are pure and without sin; you are clean and free from guilt.” (Job 33:9, NIV)

“You are pure, without transgression; you are innocent and there is no guilt in you.” (Job 33:9, NASB)

“I have washed you, cleansed you from this guilt. You are pure again.” (Ps. 51:2, TLB)

“I have created in you a new, clean heart. I have filled you with clean thoughts and right desires.” (Ps. 51:10, TLB)

“I have sprinkled clean water on you, and you are clean; I have cleansed you from all your impurities and from all your idols. I have given you a new heart and have put a new spirit in you: I have removed your heart of stone and given you a heart of flesh.” (Ezekiel 36:25-26, NIV)

Father God robed Little Pj in Jesus' robe of righteousness. She curled up in His lap, snuggling close to His heart. With a melodious voice, God sang this song over her.

I look at you, lying there, in perfect innocence.
I kiss your check and brush your hair with the palm of my hand.
Seeing you, believing you are a gift straight from heaven.
Knowing you're part of His perfect plan.
And I know He will hold you, safely enfold you
While His angels, watching, keep you from harm
‘Til the light of the morning shines through your window
You will find rest in your Father's arms.
Holding you in my arms, feeling your heart beat
Seeing you, fast asleep, helps me understand
How He must feel when He sees you in my keeping
A gift that He lovingly place in my hands.
And I know He will hold you, safely enfold you
While His angels, watching, keep you from harm
‘Til the light of the morning shines through your window
You will find rest in your Father's arms.

(“Father's Arms,” words and music by Dale Mathews)