7th Life Science Practice Quizzes for 3rd Edition Textbook

Chapter 1
Quiz 1A What is Science?
Quiz 1B Why Study Life Science?
Quiz 1C What Do Scientists Do?
Game to review Quiz 1A vocabulary
Game on Scientific Method (Concentration)
Game on Scientific Method (Rags to Riches)
Game The Hip-Hop Scientific Method

Lab Safety Quiz (created by Miss Stanley)
Lab Safety Battleship (created by Miss Stanley)
safety rules fill in the blank
Lab Safety Pop-ups
Biology Lab Safety Tutorial

Chapter 2
Quiz 2A Why Classify?
Quiz 2B Scientific Names
Animal Classification Song

Chapter 3
Quiz 3A Living Organisms
Quiz 3B The Cell Theory
Quiz 3C Molecules and Life

Chapter 4
Label the parts of a microscope
functions of the parts of a microscope (game)
parts of a microscope (internet)
Quiz 4A (Membranes)
Quiz 4B (Parts of Cells)
Cell Parts and Function Diagram Online Quiz
Game on cellular organelles (created by Cathi Johnston)
Game on parts of a cell
Game on cell organelles (created by Tracy Trimpe)
Game on cell function and structure
Game on cells
Game Parts of a Cell
Game Parts of a Plant Cell
Game Parts of an Animal Cell
Game The Parts of a Microscope
Cells Alive
Cell Structure and Processes
Interactive Tour of the Cell
Virtual cell

Chapter 5
Quiz 5A
Quiz 5B
Quiz 5C

Chapter 6
Quiz 6A
Quiz 6B
Quiz 6C
Quiz 6D

Chapter 7
Quiz 7A

First Semester Exam (Chapters 1-7) Review Games
Over Multiple Choice Section of exam
Over Matching Section of exam
Over Short Answer Section of exam
Over True or False Section of exam

Chapter 24
Quiz 24A
Quiz 24B
Quiz 24C
The Bones Game
Human Bones Matching Game
Human Muscle Game

Chapter 25
Quiz 25A
Quiz 25B
The Journey of a Red Blood Cell
Diseases & Disorders of the Digestive System matching game
Disorders & Diseases of the Circulatory System hangman game
Disorders & Diseases of the Circulatory System matching game
Parts of Blood challenge board
Quiz 25C
blood typing game
Quiz 25D

Chapter 26
Quiz 26A
Quiz 26B

Chapter 12
Quiz 12A
Quiz 12B
Quiz 12C

Plants Rock Song

Chapter 13
Quiz 13A
Quiz 13B

Chapter 14
Quiz 14A (with flower diagram page 195)
Quiz 14B

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