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Link to Pre- Algebra Handouts

First Day Handouts:
Life Science Syllabus
Lab Penalties and Safety

Life Science Handouts:

1st semester exam review sheets
2nd semester exam review sheets
The Endocrine System (Avatar Movie) Project Directions (Word)
The Endocrine System (Avatar Movie Project (PDF)
Cell Diagram Practice
Dominant & Recessive 7B-1
Dominant & Recessive 7B-1 Diagram
Dominant & Recessive 7B-2
Dominant & Recessive 7B-2 Diagram
Dominant & Recessive 7C-3
Genetics Problems 1
Genetics Problems 2
Incomplete Dominance Practice 7D-1
Incomplete Dominance Practice 7D-2
Practice for Quiz 7C
Practice for Incomplete Dominance Quiz
Sex-Linked Traits 7E-1
Sex-Linked Traits 7E-2
Summer School Guide

Life Science Labs:

Frog Dissection
Frog Dissection Report Sheet
Genetics 7D
Genetics 7D Survey
Lab 2A
Lab 2B
Lab 4A
Lab 4B
Lab 6A
Lab 12A
Lab 12C
Lab 13C
Lab 13F
Lab 13G
Lab 13I
Lab 14B
Lab 24A
Lab 25

Bibliography Form Examples
Life Process Chart (pdf)
Life Process Chart (Word file)

Video Files
pump your blood

Forensics Class Handouts

Forenisc Files DVD (worksheet)

Unit 1: The Crime Scene

United Streaming "Forensics" Video Worksheet
Forensics definition and history worksheet
Crime Scene Basics worksheet #1
Crime Scene Basics worksheet #2
Eyewitness Basics worksheet
Interactive Investigator (worksheet)
CSI Web Adventures (worksheet Case #1 Rookie)

Unit 2: Physical Evidence

The power of physical evidence (Notes Worsheet)
Video: The Value of Evidence (worksheet)
Trace Evidence worksheet
CSI Web Adventures (worksheet Case #2)
Testing for lipids, proteins and carbohydrate Lab
Solving Murder and a Meal Case

Unit 3: The Microscope

How to Use a Microscope
Microscope Mania Word Challenge
Microstations worksheet

Unit 4: Fingerprints

Fingerprint Basics
Analysis of Fingerprints
Latent Prints

Unit 5: Blood

Blood basics online
Blood basics worksheet
Ernie's Exit Lab
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
Case File ELCA10
Whodunit Lab

Unit 6: Hair

Hair & Fiber Evidence Notes
Hair Digrams
Hair Analysis Notes
Hair Analysis Worksheet 1
My Hair Lab
Animal Hair Comparison Lab

Unit 7: Fibers

Fiber Analysis Notes
Known Fibers Lab

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