Lesson 5A - Genes and Cell Division
BJU pages 95-101

5AP1 PowerPoint - The Cell Cycle

5AP2 PowerPoint - Cell Division

5AP3 PowerPoint - Genes

5AP4 PowerPoint - Asexual Reproduction

5AP5 PowerPoint - Sexual Reproduction

Practice Quizzes

5AP1 practice quiz over the cell cycle
5AP2 practice quiz over the cell division
5AP3 practice quiz over genes
5AP4 practice quiz over asexual reproduction

5AP5 practice quiz over sexual reproduction



Part 1 - The cell Cycle

Cell Cycle and Mitosis - by The Penguin Prof
Mr. Anderson on the cell cycle
The Cell Cycle and Cancer - Amoeba Sisters

Part 2 - Cell Division

Cell Cycle and Mitosis - by The Penguin Prof
Mr. Anderson on Mitosis
chromosomes, cromatids, chromatin, etc. Khan Academy
Mitosis Dance
phases of mitosis Khan Academy
Mitosis Dance
How to remember the steps of mitosis
Mitosis: The Amazing Cell Process that Uses Division to Multiply!- Amoeba Sisters
Twilight Mitosis

Part 3 - Genes

What are genes? Khan Academy

Part 4 - Asexual Reproduction

Asexual reproduction of bacteria
asexual reproduction of plants
Binary Fission in Amoeba
Budding in Hydra
Budding in Yeast and Hydra
Binary Fission
How they cloned Dolly the sheep
Yeast cell reproducing animation
cloning where you can read about how clones are made and clone your own virtual mouse

Part 5 - Sexual Reproduction

Diploid & Haploid by MrDBioCFC's
embryonic stem cells Khan Academy
How cells divide (flash)
Mr. Anderson Vodcast on Meiosis
Mr. Anderson Mitosis and Meiosis Simulation
Meiosis Animated
Meiosis Square Dance
Meiosis Stages
Meiosis Video
Mitosis, Meiosis and Sexual Reproduction Khan Academy
Phases of Meiosis Khan Academy
Spermatogenesis - Thinkwell's Video Biology
Meiosis: The Great Divide - Amoeba Sisters

I'm Fearfully and Wonderfully Made by God

Nick Vujicic: Life Without Limbs
Louie Giglio We Are Wonderfully Made
Father's Love Letter Devotional
Father's Love Letter



In Cell Division - Mitosis Song Mr. Parr
The Cell Cycle Rap
Mitosis Rap: Mr. W's Cell Division Song
Cell Division Song Spongebob
Asexual Reproduction by Mr. Parr
Happy Asexual Reproduction Day