Lesson 3A - Cell Membranes
BJU pages 54-59

3A PowerPoint Cell Membranes


Mr. Anderson on cell membranes
Mr. Anderson on the cell membrane
Mr. Anderson on transport across cell membranes
Mr. Anderson Diffusion Demo
Mr. Anderson Osmosis Demo
Osmosis: A Solute and Solvent Love Story - Ameoba Sisters
Homeostasis (and the Cell Membrane King) - Ameoba Sisters
Passive and Active Transport -by Iken Edu
Passive vs. Active transport - by Beverly Biology
Passive Transport (updated) - by Beverly Biology

Animation: How Diffusion Works
Animation: How Facilitated Diffusion Works
Animation: How Osmosis Works

Active Transport
Active and passive Transport (endocytosis)
Diffusion and Osmosis - Khan Academy
(Passive) Diffusion - Simple and Facilitated - by Armando Hasudungan (just watch 7:16 min)
Active Diffusion - Primary and Secondary Active Transportation - by Armando Hasudungan (just watch 3:34 min)


Practice Quiz

3A Practice Quiz on Quia


Cell Transport Song - by Mr Parr
Osmosis! - by science music videos


Bend a Carrot Lab
Diffusion of Water with Gummy Bears Lab
How is a balloon like a cell membrane? Lab
What does the cell membrane do? Lab