Lesson 2 - Measurement & Scientific Tools
Glenco Life iScience pages NOS 12-19


Scientific Measurement PowerPoint
Scientific Tools PowerPoint
Vodcast Chapter 0 Lesson 2 on YouTube

Other Videos

Mr. Anderson on significant digits
MooneysChemistry on significant digits
Precision, Accuracy, Measurement, and Significant Figures by Michael Farabaugh
Significant Figures at Khan Academy
Unit Conversion within the Metric System by Khan Academy
Metric & Standard Measurement Systems
Bill Nye's introduction to the metric system


Note taking:


Quiz Practice

SI unit flashcards
Significant Digit Practice (quizlet)
Battleship Game over Significant Digits
Significant Figure practice Khan Academy
Metric Prefixes (quizlet)

Practice Quiz on Quia
FlashCards Quizlet Lesson 2

Metric System Practice kahoot
Metric Units Quiz #1 kahoot
Metric Conversion Practice kahoot
Metric Conversion Practice IXL
Metric Conversion Practice Khan Acad.

Quiz A from book
Quiz B from book


Big Sig Fig Dig
Meters, Liters and Grams Music Video
Metric Conversion Rap by the Metric Crew
The Metric System Song



Other Helps

Content Practice A
Content Practice B
Content Vocab
Instant Metric
Key Concept Builder
Math Skills
Measurement Game
Metric length game practice
Metric length practice
Metrics Matter
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Think Metric



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