Lesson 1 - Nature of Science
Glenco Life iScience pages NOS 2-11

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Nature of Science (Youtube)
Nature of Science (download to PC)


Nature of Science
The Scientific Method PowerPoint
Scientific Knowledge

Other Videos

What is Science? by the happy scientist
Mr. Anderson on the scientific method
The Scientific Method: methods, steps, terms, & examples
Scientific Method Monty Python
Independent va dependent variables by Beverly Biology

Note taking:


Practice for Lab Safety Quiz

Practice Quiz on Quia over: Lab Safety

Lab Safety Game Battleship

Quiz Practice

Nature of Science Quiz on Quizlet

Nature of Science Battleship Game (over vocabulary)
Flashcards Quizlet (over vocabulary)

Scientific Method practice quiz on quia

FlashCards Quia on Scientific Method

scientific method practice game Matching
scientific method practice game Concentration
scientific method practice on variables, constants and control groups

Quiz A
Quiz B


Scientific Method - Mr. Parr
Scientific Method Song by Have Fun Teaching
Scientific Method Song - Mr. Lee
The Scientific Method Video - by DJ Brooks and MC Friebel
The Scientific Method Rap - by Dana Lawrence & her class
The Scientific Method - by klablab
The Variables Song - by Mr. Edmonds
You Know All Your Variables (One Direction parody)

Class Handouts

Animal Fact or Opinion
Understanding Bias
Biased or Unbiased
Controls and variables part 1
Controls and variables part 2

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Paper Airplane Lab

Virtual Lab: What strategies are involved in solving a science problems?