Miss Stanley's Life Science Class Lessons

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Introduction to Life Science (pages viii-xi) PowerPoint

Practice for Lab Safety Quiz

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Unit 1: Foundations of Life Science

Chapter 1 "The World of Life Science"

Chapter 2 "Characteristics and Classification of Life"


Chapter 3 "Cell Structure"

Chapter 4 "Cell Activities"

Unit 2: Heredity and the Origin of Life

Chapter 5 "The Cell Cycle and Protein Synthesis"

Chapter 6 "Genetics of Organisms"

Chapter 7 "Genetic Changes and Biotechnology"

Chapter 8 "In the Beginning"

Unit 3: Microbiology and Plant Biology

Chapter 9 "The Microscopic World"

Chapter 10 "Structure and Function of Plants"

Chapter 11 "Plant Classification and Reproduction"




Chapter 0: Nature of Science

Lesson 1: Understanding Science

Lesson: 2 Measurement & Scientific Tools

Lesson 3: Case Study

Chapter 1: Classifying & Exploring Life

Lesson 1: Characteristics of Life

Lesson 2: Classifying Organisms

Lesson 3: Exploring Life

Chapter 2: Cell Structure & Function

Lesson 1: Cells and Life

Lesson 2: The Cell

Lesson 3: Moving Cellular Material

Lesson 4: Cells and Energy

Chapter 3: From a Cell to an Organism

Lesson 1: The Cell Cycle and Cell Division

Lesson 2: Levels of Organization

Chapter 4: Reproduction of Organisms

Lesson 1: Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis

Lesson 2: Asexual Reproduction


1st Semester Exam Chapters 0-4

1st semester exam review sheet (all my exam questions are taken from tests; highlight the question if the term is part of the question or part of the correct answer) No diagrams on exam.

Chapter 5: Genetics

Lesson 1: Mendel and His Peas

Lesson 2: Understanding Inheritance

Lesson 3: DNA and Genetics


Chapter 20: Matter and Energy in the Environment

Lesson 1: Abiotic Factors

Lesson 2: Cycles of Matter

Lesson 3: Energy in Ecosystems

Chapter 21: Populations and Communities

Lesson1: Populations

Lesson 2: Changing Populations

Lesson 3: Communities

Chapter 22: Biomes and Ecosystems

Lesson 1: Land Biomes

Lesson 2: Aquatic Ecosystems

Lesson 3: How Ecosystems Change


Natural Selection


Human Body Systems


2nd Semester Exam Chapters 4, 5, 20, 21, 22, C10L3, Human Body Systems

2nd semester exam review sheet (all my exam questions are taken from tests/quizzes; highlight the question if the term is part of the question or part of the correct answer) No diagrams on exam.





Chapter 14: Structure and Movement

Lesson 1: The Skeletal System

Lesson 2; The Muscular System

Lesson 3: The Skin

Chapter 15: Digestion and Excretion

Lesson 1: Nutrition

Lesson 2: The Digestive System

Lesson 3: The Excretory System

Chapter 16: Respiration and Circulation

Lesson 1: The Respiratory System

Lesson 2: The Circulatory System

Lesson 3: Blood

Lesson 4: The Lymphatic System

Chapter 17: Immunity and Disease

Lesson 1: Diseases

Lesson 2: The Immune System

Lesson 3: Staying Healthy

Chapter 9: Plant Diversity

Lesson 1: What is a plant?

Lesson 2: Seedless Plants

Lesson 3: Seed Plants

Chapter 10: Plant Processes and Reproduction

Lesson 1: Energy Processing in Plants

Lesson 2: Plant Responses

Lesson 3: Plant Reproduction





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