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Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents.

  1. Science Grade
  2. Science Homework
  3. Science Lab
  4. Science Notes
  5. Science Help Class
  6. Science Quizzes and Tests
  7. Extra Credit
  8. Keys to finding success
  9. Contacting Me
  10. No Homework Passes

Science Grade

I grade on a point system.  Grade points vary according to what is it (quiz, 
lab, ideas, or test).  My chapter tests are always worth 100 points and exams 
200 points.  Everything else varies from 10 points on up (with the exception of getting
things signed which is one point.  At any time a student's grade can be calculated by 
taking the total number of points he/she has accumulated and dividing it by the total 
number of points possible (Do NOT add the percent grades together and divide by the 
number of grades).
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Science Homework

Homework grades consist of the outlines from each section of the book. You can find them at connectED under see more or on my website www.pjteaches.com under the particular lesson

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Science Lab

Labs are group projects (usually 2 students in each group).  They are due at the end of that class period or for longer labs the due date 
assigned.  Some labs take more than a day.  The penalty for turning in a lab late is one
letter grade off each day late.  Each student will be assigned to a lab group 
and the lab groups will change for different labs.  This way a student gets to work with a 
variety of people and learn teamwork.  If the lab is turned in as a group each student in 
the lab group receives the same grade on the lab, but the student has the
option of turning in his/her own lab instead of as a group.
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Science Notes

As a student watches a vodast he/she needs to take notes and bring them to class.  It is very important not to take short cuts (copy 
powerpoint for notes and not listen to the vodcast.

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Science Help Class

I will be having help class on Tuesdays from 7:00 to 7:45 AM.  A student who needs Help  Class must let me know in advance  
that he/she plans to attend and must have specific questions or areas in which  he/she is struggling or needs additional 
explanation in order to make best use  of the time.
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Science Quizzes and Tests

My quizzes are usually fill in the blank, listing questions and multiple 
choice.  I will give the definition and the student will have to write the 
term.  My tests are made up of matching, multiple choice, true/false, fill in 
the blank and listing questions.  Quizzes and tests come from the notes I 
give in class.
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Extra Credit

There will be NO extra credit other than extra credit questions on quizzes or 
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Keys to finding success

Science: Some keys for finding success in my class:  be here, listen, ask 
questions, do homework, and study some each day rather than trying to cram 
the day before a quiz or a test.  A key class rule is RESPECT.  Show respect 
to each and every person.  Remember you can be a source of love or wounding 
to each person you come in contact with.  Let's be God's gift of love to the 
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Contacting Me

If you have any questions feel free to email me (peggy.stanley@eagleslanding.org), or call 
the school (770-957-2927 Ext. 653) to  set up an appointment to meet with me 
before or after school.
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No Homework Passes

I do not give no homework passes except as my gift to each student at Christmas time. The school will have opportinitues to earn some.

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